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Royal Danish Academy

Danneskiold Samsøes Alle 51, 1434 København k



Wake Up Copenhagen

Woodah Boutique Hostel (hostel)

Sleep in Heaven (hostel with age limit)

Next House Copenhagen (hostel)

Steel House Copenhagen (hostel)


Babette Guldsmeden Hotel

Ibsens Hotel

Hotel SP34

Hotel Kong Arthur

Hotel Skt Annæ

25 hours Hotel




We recommend that you rent a bike – it is the quickest and most enjoyable way to get around in Copenhagen.

Some hotels will have bikes for their guests and will otherwise be helpful in directing you to a bike rental.

Here you can find a guide to biking in Denmark

Public transport

Copenhagen has got busses, metro lines and S-trains. The S-train is mainly relevant for travels outside the city center in the greater Copenhagen area.

The simplest way to get around is to download the app Rejseplanen (travel planner) to your phone. In the app you add the address from where you are going (the app will be able to identify your location in case you do not know it), add your destination (the address, name of station or name of institution, museum etc) and also your preferred time of arrival or departure, and the app will suggest the best options for undertaking the journey by public transport. You can also access Rejseplanen via web:!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H657442

For information on tickets and travel passes, please look here

Here you can find maps for:



S-train (S-tog):